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  • Do you offer training classes?

    We offer FREE training; the types of training available are: our Annual Virtual Seminar and self-guided training available 24 hours a day.

  • Do you offer business software?

    The business software is available as a separate integrated module and is included with the Premier Package! It can be purchased separately as a complete package for all other software packages.

  • What is an EFIN number?

    An EFIN is a six digit Electronic Filing Identification Number that allows you to file tax returns electronically to the IRS.

  • How do I apply for an EFIN (electronic filing identification number)?

    The IRS requires you create an e-services account, complete the online application and submit your fingerprints to the IRS. After an approval process which could take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks, the IRS will issue you your EFIN. Please use the link below for more information from the IRS on how to become an authorized e-file provider.

  • What is a PTIN number?

    A PTIN is a six or seven digit Preparer Tax Identification Number issued by the IRS. Starting in 2011, ALL paid tax preparers MUST apply for and receive a PTIN from the IRS and use this number on all returns prepared.

  • When you say "free software for life" - what does that mean?

    When you process and have funded the required minimum number of Federal Bank Products, you will receive next year’s software for FREE, and continue to receive FREE software as long as you process and have funded the required amount of Federal Bank Products your selected package requires you to maintain.

  • How do I pay for the transmission fees?

    Refunds Today offers 2 different payment methods, credit card or ACH draft. Pre-paid invoices are sent to you on a weekly basis identifying all returns that have been processed for the prior week.

  • Why is your software so inexpensive?

    Our software is inexpensive because we are not a software developer who generates their profits from software sales. Refunds Today is an electronic filing service bureau that generates revenue by charging a nominal fee for each electronically filed return.

  • Why should I purchase software from Refunds Today?

    Refunds Today offers many advantages that help you to stay competitive and become more profitable. You will be able to take advantage of our top-notch customer support as well as our accurate and easy-to-use software. You'll also benefit from the ability to offer all electronic filing products available and our incentives for free software. Most importantly, using Refunds Today will give you access to the best customer support in the tax preparation industry.

  • Which file conversions are available for Refunds Today?

    Refunds Today can convert tax data from the following software applications: ATX, Crosslink, Drake, Lacerte, ProSeries, ProSystem FX, TaxAct, TaxWorks and UltraTax.

  • Which bank does Refunds Today partner with to process bank products?

    Refunds Today allows you to select from one of 4 different banking partners. Two of the four are fully integrated within the Refunds Today software: TPG and Republic Bank & Trust Company. The other two, Refund Advantage and EPS Financial, require you to print the refund checks directly from their website.

  • Do I have to electronically file all the returns that I prepare using the Refunds Today software?

    You are able to file tax returns both by paper and electronically using our system. There is no charge for returns that are prepared and filed by mail.

  • What are the differences between the Refunds Today software packages?

    The best way to see the differences is to look at the comparison chart accessed from this link: Software Package Comparison. If you would like to speak with a Sales Executive for more information, please call (877) 334-5366.